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Running Legal Like a Business: How Workflow Automation Can Drive Organizational Change & Connectivity

Featuring NetApp, Bath & Body Works, and OpenText

Hear how legal leaders leverage TAP to connect to the rest of the business, streamline operations, and drive organizational change

At Mitratech’s Annual User Conference, Interact, legal leaders from LegalOps.Com, OpenText, and Bath & Body Works shared how they’ve leveraged workflow automation to achieve tangible ROI and improve decision-making. This session replay provides a glimpse into how these legal leaders are: 


  • Building Relationships with Strategic Business Partners: Learn how Jessica Vander Ploeg, the Vice President of Legal Operations at OpenText uses TAP to partner with cross-functional leadership in HR, IT, and Risk & Compliance to get ROI-based buy-in.

  • Evangelizing Automation with TAP Technology: Witness how Connie Brenton, the VP of Law, Technology & Operations at NetApp, CLOC and LegalOps.Com Co-Founder, was able to use workflow to bridge the gap between the legal department and the rest of the business, enabling transformation and growth.

  • Making the Business Case for TAP: Hear how Julie Richer, the Director of Legal Operations at Bath & Body Works pitched TAP during economic instability and implemented workflows that delivered quick wins and drove user adoption.

Each of their journeys exhibits unique characteristics, with one managing a remarkable portfolio of 141+ workflows, another a seasoned three-time TAP adopter, and the other strategically pitching and implementing TAP at their company's lowest stock price. Yet,  every story radiates a common theme: infusing automation into your business processes to make a tangible impact. 

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Brian McGovern

Brian McGovern
Executive Director CLC Solutions at Mitratech

Jessica Van Ploeg

Jessica Vander Ploeg
Vice President, Legal Operations at OpenText

Connie Brenton

Connie Brenton
VP of Law, Technology, & Operations at NetApp

Julie Richer

Julie Richer
Director of Legal Operations at Bath & Body Works