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TAP on Tour Encore: Maximizing Legal Spend Potential with Workflow Automation

Featuring Legal Leaders from KP Labs, Delta Dental, and AT&T

Hear how legal leaders from KP Labs, Delta Dental, and AT&T leveraged workflow automation to optimize legal spend and resource allocation

At Mitratech’s annual user conference, Interact, legal leaders from across organizations and industries voiced the need for better visibility into resource allocation and legal spend – especially in today’s environment of heightened scrutiny and shrinking budgets. 

Luckily, legal leaders from KP Labs, Delta Dental, and AT&T were also there to discuss how they use workflow automation as the connective tissue between legal and other departments, helping them make better data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, achieve quick wins, and focus on more critical tasks. 

This discussion highlights:

  • The Foundation of Workflow - Hear KP Labs share how TAP is built off of ‘if this, then that’ statements — if you can dream it, you can innovate it. 
  • The Power of a Legal Front Door - See how Delta Dental leveraged a legal front door to improve their end-user experience AND track who their business clients are, where their requests are coming from, and what intake trends correlate to the time of the year for more informed decision-making. 
  • The Benefit of Seamless Matter Management Intake - See how AT&T saved their legal department 100 hours a month by cutting down a lengthy 5-step matter management intake process with TAP. 



  • Matt Spanos, Global Dlr at Mitratech
  • Lashonda Dash, Legal Operations Manager at Delta Dental
  • Eric Paul, Director - Legal Technology Innovation at AT&T
  • Tarryn Puzsar, Director, Business Process Automation at KP Labs

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